Debbi is a Singer, Songwriter, Performer & Dancer with roots from France, Israel and Africa. Debbie is the daughter of American actor, stunt performer and martial artist Steve James, who reached a global audience with his cult classics ‘The Delta Force’, ‘Enter the Game of Death’ and the Wayon’s Brother’s – ‘I’m Gonna Git You Sucka’.

At the ripe age of five Debbi got a taste of the entertainment world as a burgeoning ballroom dancer, belly dancer and a regular on the local competitive circuit as a triple threat; singer, dancer and actor. Then the unthinkable happened – Debbie lost her father to pancreatic cancer and her mother soon after committed suicide. Most young people who were dealt these types of cards would fold their hand; Debbi did just the opposite – she harnessed her pain and willed it into her life’s purpose. Debbi packed her bags and headed to Los Angeles from Israel to fulfill her personal dreams and most importantly extend the vast reach of her father’s legacy.

Since leaving Israel Debbi has been busy honing her craft by working with top- tier music producers, vocal coaches and dance choreographers in Los Angeles. From there, she went back to Israel on a purpose driven trip that landed her in the final rounds of X-Factor Israel and secured her touring gigs with legendary Israeli artists Shlomi Shabbat, Noa Kirel and Rotem Cohen. Debbi has also been featured in multiple commercials that have aired in Israel, South Africa and throughout Europe.

In 2019, following her trip to Israel, Debbi went on tour with renowned performer Jennifer Lopez on her It’s My Party Tour where Debbi opened for hundreds of thousands of fans. Following that, she partnered with Latin superstar Enrique Iglesias and is now touring all over the world opening for both Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin. After tapping into the Latin space, Debbi is aggressively working to create her own sound and is collaborating with top Latin artists. Her new single ‘Dumb Booty’ featuring Latin superstars Randy and Paulino Rey and Brazilian powerhouse MC Dede is set to be the next Latin-fusion hit to be released on September 24th.

The culmination of Debbi’s work, spirit and grit has taken her to a place in which her High Octane, In-Your-Face Latin Spanglish Pop Movement is about to be heard and seen in every region of the world.