Meet Debbi James African- American, French & Israeli Singer, Songwriter, Performer & Dancer. The daughter of ,the late great actor, Steve James was born in Paris raised in Israel. At the age of five Debbie began her entertainment career as a ball room dancer, belly dancer, lead singer in school bands and competing in local talent shows. She almost gave up after loosing her father to pancreatic cancer and her mother to suicide.

Debbi’s life seem like it was felling apart but she quickly got back on her feet packed her bags and headed to Los Angeles. Being that her first language is Hebrew she taugh her self how to read & write in English and began writing songs in pursuit of a career in music. Debbi has been perfecting her musical craft by working with well known music producers acting/vocal coaches and  dance choreographers in Los Angeles. She decided to take her skills back to Israel and compete on X-Factor Isarel. From there she worked with famous Israeli artists such as Shlomi Shabbat, Noa Kirel and currently touring with Rotem Cohen. She has been casted in many commercials airing in Isarel, Europe & South Africa. Debbi is the artist that will never give up or back down to life challenge. In her own words,”My goal is to make my mother proud and continue my fathers legacy”!!!